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AXXSense is a research platform of Axxam S.p.A. fully dedicated to the discovery and characterization of novel taste and olfactory modulating ingredients isolated from nature or from chemical synthesis in support to the food, beverage, pet food, cosmetic and perfume industry.

Using state-of-the-art technology platforms, deep expertise around taste and olfaction, natural and synthetic products, we offer to our clients and partners a competitive support in finding innovative solutions for their needs.

Our philosophy is to provide the best innovative and effective solutions in line with the client needs and in support of the client future success.

The values driving AXXSense in achieving its goals are shared by all the team members:

market & services

AXXSense offers comprehensive and integrated solutions to support its clients and partners in the identification,
validation and development of new bioactive molecules for their specific projects.

AXXSense, services, food, beverage, pet, platform

Food & Beverage / Pet Food

Humans monitor the chemical composition of food and environment with three different sensory pathways: the taste system, the olfactory system and the somatosensory system.

AXXSense, services, fragrance platform


Olfaction is one of the most fascinating senses, and very closely related to the sense of taste and to emotions and memories.

AXXSense, services, cosmetics platfrom


The demand for natural, organic active cosmetic agents is always a key driver of the cosmetics industry, and consumers are seeking for ethical and sustainable products from natural sources.

Compound collection

AXXSense offers its clients and partners the opportunity to access:

a proprietary natural compound collection of about 100,000 individual test samples comprising 13,500 pure natural compounds (NatPure), 63,000 purified fractions (PreFrac) and 21,200 pre-purified extracts (Advanced Extracts)

a synthetic compound collection consisting of 325,000 compounds characterized by a high level of novelty and diversity

business model

AXXSense’s goal is to provide its clients and partners with solutions tailored for their specific needs and demands.

for creative

Such solutions are offered as selected services up to strategic discovery and development programs.

AXXSense is positioned to identify and further develop innovative taste and odor modulating ingredients as well as cosmetic actives integrating the value chain of discovery and development from bench to product. In close cooperation with a network of partners, AXXSense engages in creating innovative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s needs of consumers and industry, particularly on natural products.

AXXSense offers to its client different kinds of services to fit their specific needs.


AXXSense helps its clients to identify novel and innovative ingredients by performing screening campaigns on large compound collections of natural products and synthetic compounds, and compound profiling activities on its exclusive technology platforms using ingredients provided by the client.


AXXSense offers the possibility to set up a strategic partnership with the client for the identification of innovative ingredients by conducting a screening campaign against its natural compound collection and/or its synthetic library under exclusivity.


AXXSense offers to experienced partners in the food and flavor industry a pipeline of proprietary novel taste modulators to modify and improve the characteristics of existing formulations and in the cosmetics industry a wide portfolio of novel active ingredients.