Technology Platforms

Assay Development

We offer our extensive experience and expertise in custom assay development for cell-based and biochemical assays using a variety of different signal detection methods in order to better adapt the assay to the final goal. All our assays are QC checked and satisfy stringent quality requirements for use in automated high throughput screening.

We have in-depth expertise in establishing assays on challenging targets requiring the expression of multiple subunits or auxiliary protein complexes and on cytosolic, secreted and transmembrane enzymes co-expressed with cofactors and accessory subunits, to better comply with the hit finding strategy and the physiological environment of the target.

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Biochemical Assays

We offer a streamlined process from recombinant protein expression and purification, development of functional biochemical assays for High-Throughput Screening (HTS), and configuration of an array of secondary assays to proficiently assist Hit Identification, Hit-to-Lead and Lead Optimization.

Cell-based Assays

Independently of the target of interest, setting up the most suitable and robust assay is a critical step to a successful high-throughput screening (HTS) or Hit-to-Lead campaign.


Our team of skilled electrophysiologists have at their disposal a panel of both manual and automated patch-clamp devices allowing them to define the best strategy to assist your request.

Compound Profiling

Compound profiling is an activity, employed in drug discovery as well as flavor and fragrance exploration, involving the testing of a limited number of compounds across diverse targets. This approach helps identify lead compounds that might work effectively against multiple or individual biological targets, reducing the risk of target-specific failures.

Compound Profiling

At AXXSense, we specialize in compound profiling techniques using state of the art instrumentation and advanced cell assay techniques. Our team has years of experience and uses innovative technology to assess compounds against diverse biological targets efficiently and cost-effectively.
We work closely with our clients to customize profiling strategies that meet their project goals. By evaluating compounds across a range of targets, we help identify bioactive molecules with desired activity profiles.

Hit Qualification

Hit qualification is a crucial part of compound profiling. We carefully analyze and validate lead compounds based on their potency, selectivity, and pharmacokinetic properties. This ensures that our clients have reliable leads for further development.

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High Throughput Screening

The High Throughput Screening (HTS) approach has been extensively used by pharma industries in the discovery process since more than 30 years. AXXSense applies this method for the systematic identification of new bioactive compounds in all the fields of AXXSense application. Pre-selecting compounds based on HTS and criteria like target activation and toxicity delivers specifically pre-qualified compounds to sensory panels and results in a considerably increased chance of success in finding novel compounds for all kind of applications.

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High Throughput Screening (HTS)

AXXSense has access to four fully automated state-of-the-art screening stations designed to run biochemical and cell-based assays in 384 well format, using a variety of detection technologies. With more than 20-year experience in the field, our team support our clients in selecting the most appropriate screening strategy according to the specific target’s features and goal.

Hit Qualification

By increasing the likelihood of identifying the best-suited hit compound, minimizing time and cost, mitigating the future risk of failure and enhancing the prospects of developing a successful candidate for your research, this critical process shapes the trajectory of compound development. Our wide range of in-house capabilities aim to equip our clients with comprehensive insights supporting their further decision-making process.

Hit qualification package let your hit take the highway to the lead!

High Content Imaging

High content image-based analysis represents an effective strategy to study processes in the complex physiological environment of the cells. This approach allows validation of the relevant mechanism of action of targets through extraction of the rich information present in biological images at the cellular and subcellular levels.

High Content Assay platform

Our high-content platforms include several assays, investigating, in automated and miniaturized format, the most significant functions linked to human physiology and pathophysiology, such as autophagy, mis-localization, DNA damage, pathological aggregates and several others. Available off-the-shelf assays can be accessed and customized to specific needs and new assays can also be generated for screening purposes.

Our high content assays are tailored with multiplexing and screening formats to get the most valuable throughput achievable.

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